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Stasi vs. NSA

I find it very kind of various agencies around the world to backup all of our data. Unfortunately, we are lacking the interface to recover data from these backups, if needed.
Of course that's all in our best interest, to be protected from a virtual enemy of choice *please insert any religion, skin color, sex, sexual orientation, nationality, anxiety syndrome or fictitious enemy - Romulans [-2] and Shredder [-1] are always scary - here*. Sounds like the agencies are collecting protection money like the mafia, because it is in their own best interest to be well budgeted, pay their mortgages and feed their families, you say? Now, come on, that's a stretch. People are not that self-centered. It's not like that happened throughout history again and again. As usual, I am kidding of course. Anyways, since technology is always marvelous, here's a nice comparison of the storage capacities of Stasi vs. NSA.

In case you don't know, Stasi [0] is the former east German secret police. Short for Staatssicherheit, literally state security, which nicely translates into homeland security. Epic fail there. When looking for euphemisms, always look into history first. There's probably been a sadistic, abusive psychopath who found it first and who was firmly convinced he or she was acting for the best of the the country, or alike.
The Stasi tapped most east German citizens. If people uttered opinions which didn't fit the official agenda (and opinions sufficed, they didn't necessarily needed to act on these opinions), they were kicked out of the country (in the best case, e.g. if people were too popular to disappear), imprisoned, tortured and/or liquidated.

Gehe zu Stasi versus NSA. Realisiert von OpenDataCity (CC-BY 3.0)

And a nice traceroute:

Of course, and totally needless to mention, no foreign intelligence agency of any nation is permitted to spy on their own citizens (there are other agencies to do that). Unless of course, there's a 51% chance a subject just might be foreign or is in contact with a foreigner under surveillance, which is every foreigner, in case of the NSA So chances are roughly 1:2. But let's face it, a very quantifiable benefit out of all this is industrial espionage.

And then of course we have agreements. Let's say the BND [1] are bored out of their skulls and desperately need some useless info about a German. If sticking to the rules, which we all know the intelligence community does, since they are very well monitored and their activities are a matter of public record, they cannot extract information from data they have already gathered anyway. But they can ask their French colleagues at DGSE [2] (or any other nation for that matter), who can trade information, perfectly legally, for information the BND gathered (also legally) on a French citizen. Taxes well spent.

I feel safe.

This xenophobia needs to stop. Now. Everywhere. Thanks.

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Kreditkarten Firmen gegen VPN

Nachdem der Geldhebel gegen WikiLeaks angesetzt wurde, versucht man jetzt auch Dienste zum Schutz der Privatsphäre auszudörren:


Danke, Oppa.

Politisches Asyl für den US-Bürger Edward Snowden

Beim Bundestag lässt sich folgende Petition zeichnen:

Text der Petition
Der Deutsche Bundestag möge beschließen, dass dem US-Bürger Edward Snowden politisches Asyl gewährt werden möge.

Herr Snowden hat mit seinen Enthüllungen zum Prism-Abhörprogramm eine Debatte angestoßen, die grundsätzliche Fragen in Bezug auf die Abwägung zwischen Freiheit und Sicherheit berührt. Nach Presseinformationen ist Prism für die Bundesrepublik besonders relevant, da große Datenmengen deutscher Nutzer abgefangen wurden. Herr Snowden drohen aufgrund der Enthüllungen in seinem Heimatland schwere Strafen.